Pre & Post Tan Instructions

Before Your Tan!

  • You should shower or bathe, exfoliate and shave areas of your body that you normally shave.
  • On the day of your appointment do not use any lotion, oils, deodorant, or makeup, if you can! We do have makeup & baby wipes, face wash, and in studio, for your use.
  • Get your manicures & pedicures beforhand, as the hot towels & exfoliation with these services can take off your tan more quickly. You can remove everything when you come in, if need be.
  • We prefer our clients prepare beforehand if possible, to speed up the appointment time and for best tan results!


After Your Tan!

  • Please allow 10 to 12, hours minimum of processing time for a lighter glow! We do recommend waiting to shower 24 hours, for best and longest lasting results!.
  • Avoid moisture, sweating, and weather inclements while yoour tan is processing. Dab the tan if this happens, in that area right away to press the bronzer back on the skin!
  • For best results, make your first shower a quick rinse, pat dry completely, and apply your everyday moisturizer and/or tan extender, from head to toe! Do not use any product on your skin, and watch hair products on your skin, rinse off well!


*Do not use any bar soaps or exfoliating products, until the fading process starts. You can do a light exfoliation, except creases or areas with less tan. Most tans, will last around 5-7 up to 10 days. We offer touch-ups within, a week of your tan! use cleaners and no baths during the length of your tan!

What to Wear | Before & After

  • We recommend our clients wear swimsuits, bra/underwear, disposables or other methods approved.
  • Men must wear undergarments, swim trunks, etc. for health reasons.
  • We have complimentary disposable undergarments available to wear while your tan is being applied. Choose from bandeau & backless bras, pasties, thongs, briefs, sticky feet & more! 
  • Be advised that the bronzer in the solution can rub off on clothes and accessories, but will wash out. We encourage you to stay away from wearing white or light colors during and after getting sprayed because it has more of a tendency to stain,
  • We recommend that you wear darker & loose fitting clothes to eliminate spotting/streaking after your tan, Too tight or sweating & copmpresion can rub off your tan during the first 6-8 hours.
  • We also recommend going without a bra, or looser fitting, strapless, for after your tan, for best shoulder/strap results! Loose shoes or flip flops are also recommended for afterwards!

*Please note the weather may put a damper on your tan, so please be prepared with full coverage clothing and/or umbrellas!

Tips & Tricks!

Tips! If coming from work or another appointment, bring a change of clothes if necessary, to avoid compression, rubbing, or staining nicer clothes. Darker and looser is best for after. Bring looser shoes or flip flops. Watch what you wear during your tan, when it comes to tan lines! Our tans can be a little sticky at first, so make sure you watch what you wear and do afterwards, and you will feel dryer after an hour or so!


Tricks! Excess tan can remain on your skin after fading has occurred. If you need to remove or prep for your next tan, exfoliate. If you have trouble with the tan, bathe and use a exfoliation glove, mitt, or glove to assist with tan removal. If you have stain areas, such as hands, feet or elbows, you can remove it by washing and rubbign with washcloth in that area, or lemon juice. 


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