Pre & Post Tan Instructions

Before Your Tan!

  • Shower or bathe, and exfoliate 12 - 24 hrs. beforehand and no bar soaps.
  • Shave/Wax 24 hours or more before appointment, for best results.
  • Nails/Toes recommended before tan appointment, unless its after the first rinse.
  • DAY OF: No lotion, oils, deodorant, or makeup if you can, or remove at the studio.
  • Weather Conditions: Please Plan Accordingly and bring layers as tan and moisture don't mix!
  • Bring your change of clothes, loose/dark clothing is best, and avoid things that may leave lines.

After Your Tan!

  • Shower Time: Please allow 10 to 12 hours minimum, but we recommend waiting 24 hours, for best and longer lasting results! Epress & Basic tans available for less shower time.
  • Avoid moisture, sweating, and weather inclements while your tan is processing up to 8 hours min.. * If this happens... dab or blot the tan in that area right away to press the bronzer back in, it will even up!
  • Rinse Time! Make sure it's a quick rinse, no products and pat dry. Apply moisturizer and/or tan extender from head to toe! 
  • Rinse body first, before washing hair and then rinse off again after hair is complete!

Maintence Plan: Do not use any bar soaps or exfoliating products, until the fading process starts after 5 or so days.

.You can do a light exfoliation, except creases or areas with light tan, to help blend. * We offer touch-ups within, a week of your tan, just contact us!

What to Wear | Before & After

  • What to Wear! Swimsuits, bra/underwear, disposables or other methods for ladies approved!              *Men must wear undergarments, breifs, swim trunks, etc. for health reasons.
  • Choose from disposable bandeau bras, pasties, thongs, briefs, and sticky feet.                                  We provide hair caps & hair things! 
  • Avoid wearing white or light colored clothing after the tan alongside tight-fitting clothing.
  • We also recommend going without a bra, or looser fitting, strapless, for after your tan, Loose fitting shoes,  or flip flops for after tan is also encuraged!

*Please note the weather may put a damper on your tan, so please be prepared with full coverage clothing and/or umbrellas!

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