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Microblading Artistry

Effect: Realistic hair-like strokes with a natural finish.

Your thin or sparse brows: Now with added volume and definition! Characterized by fine, crisp hair strokes, it gives the effect of fuller, but stunningly natural-looking eyebrows. Microblading can effectively fill in sparse or slightly bald spots in your brow area. This is the perfect enhancement for those who want very natural brows as opposed to a more dramatic brow style.


Recommended for:

  •     Normal to dry skin
  •     Not too dense but not too sparse brows

Microshading Artistry

Effect: Makeup-filled eyebrows; fuller-looking with a variety of styles.

If you’re not a good candidate for Microblading due to having oily or sensitive skin, or if you have over-plucked your eyebrows, Microshading is the best alternative. If you prefer microshading for its a variety of effects and styles, you can choose the treatment even if you’re a good candidate for microblading as well. From soft powder-filled brows to bold and dense eyebrows, plus an option to add the very trendy ombre, this enhancement is perfect for those who love the look of makeup. The amazing part is it still looks so natural!


Recommended for:

  •     Oily and sensitive skin types
  •     Very sparse or over-plucked eyebrows
  •     Those who love the look of makeup

Microblading + Shading Combo 

Effect: Combination of microblading and shading

Also called combination brows, the Blade + Shade Combo will give you denser, more defined brows with a hint of makeup. Still natural-looking, this style starts with feathered hair strokes then transitions to a powder finish toward the tails. This gives your brows added definition that is not so prominent in microbladed brows. This is great for those who are not a good candidate for microblading alone and those who qualify for both but can’t decide between the two. An optional ombré effect can be added on top of the blade + shade combo treatment.


Recommended for:

  •     All skin types
  •     Both sparse and dense brows
  •     Want both the microblading and microshading styles


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