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What Is Airbrush Makeup?

This is the most flawless, long lasting, heat-moisture resistent makeup application we offer. We use water-based and silicone-based products that are pigmented and created for the most precise application. Choose from a Dewy Finish to a Matte look!


What Is Traditional Makeup?

Our professional traditional liquid foundation applications are applied with artistry and precision. Our traditional foundations will give you medium to full coverage, flawless look, with a semi-matte finish.


How Long Does My Airbrush & Makeup Application Take, and How Long Does it Last?

The application including eyes, lips and cheeks can take from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on what applications you have done.

The airbrush makeup lasts all day & night, from 10-15 Hours or more!

Our traditional is a 15-hour long-lasting just not as heat-moisture resistant. 


Why Does Airbrush Makeup Look Flawless and Last Longer Than Traditional Makeup?

The silicone and water-based makeup "floats" over your skin instead of setting into your fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections. In addition, it can even diminish blemishes such as acne, whereas foundations absorb into the skin and cause them to stand out. This airbrush makeup is also water resistant so it can withstand moisture and heat, or sweat. Our traditional foundations can take care of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, but may need some extra attention throught the night!


How Do I Know What Color Palette To Choose?

We do that for you! When booking an appointment, you can choose to book a consultation before your special event. If you are a bride, we definitely recommend 6 months up to, 1-2 months prior. At the consultation we will discuss and pick out which foundation, eyes, lips, and cheek colors that work best with your skin tone and achieve the look you want!


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