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LUXE Spray Tan | Full Body


Basic Spray Tan | Full Body $35.00
"Faux Fast!" Express Spray Tan $45.00

Partial | Upper/Lower Body + Face


Face, Contour or Touch-Ups


3 LUXE Spray Tans


3 Basic Spray Tans $95.00

5 LUXE Spray Tans


5 Basic Spray Tans $165.00

10 LUXE Spray Tans

10 Basic Spray Tans $150.00
  • LUXE Spray Tan: Our luxury full body spray tan is our longer-lasting color, for 7-10 days of coverage! Shower time is 10-12 hours, but recommended up to 24 hours. Complimentary disposables, additives, and touch-ups are included.
  • Basic Spray Tan: Our "basic" version of a full body spray tan isn't that basic when it's a gorgeous and natural "faux glow"! Shower time is 8-10 hours minimum, and lasts up to 4 days.
  • "Faux Fast": Our express full body spray tan is great for a same-day glow and lasts up to 5 days. Shower time is 4 hrs. and up to 6 hours.

Our professional and certified artists will provide you with a personalized consultation, based on your color needs and

what you want to achieve.

Customize your tan starting with the shade, and add custom additives to your formula such as:

scents, anti-aging, slimming, and shimmer!


Please read over pre & post care before booking your appointment!


*Prices subject to change. New FALL?WINTER Prices effective 10.1.2023

+ 6% Sales Tax on Spray Tans! Tax change effective 7.1.18


By Appointment Only!

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