Spray Tanning Overview

Customize Your Spray Tan

 Personalize your tan by choosing additives, boosters, and create your cocktail!

  • Anti-Aging - Start reversing your skins age and revitalize your entire body's skin cells with our retinol based product, while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

  • Slimming - Tighten and firm your body, while we hit your problem areas, such as cellulite, stretch marks, or any other skin imperfections. 

  • Shimmer - Give yourself a glow for the day your tan is first applied. Once you shower, the shimmer slowly fades. Choose a Bronze or Opalescent Shimmer!

  • Scent - Cover up that processing in a spray tan smell and add a scent of your choice. The following scents are available... Pina Colada, Coconut, Vanilla, Apple, Pineapple, Orange Ginger, and more!

$2.00 each additive or choose unlimited for $5.00! 

Pre & Post Tan Instructions

Before Your Spray Tan Application:

You should shower or bathe, exfoliate and shave areas of your body that your normally shave. On the day of your spray tan appointment do not use any lotion, oils, deodorant, or makeup. We do have makeup remover wipes, face wash, and baby wipes in studio. Get your manicures & pedicures beforhand, as the hot towels & exfoliation with these services can take off your tan more quickly. 


After Your Tan:

Please allow 10 to 12 hours, up to 24 after application before showering or sweating, sweating and you can resume regular activities. For best results, make your first shower a quick rinse, pat dry, and apply your everyday moisturizer/lotion from head to toe.


We also recommend using a tan extender afterwards for a longer lasting tan.  Do not exfoliate until the fading process starts. The fading will usually start around 5-7 days, but it could be as much as 10 days and fades like a natural tan does.


Here are a few Do's & Dont's to provide you with the best looking and longest-lasting tan.

  • Do's - Shower/bathe, shave, exfoliate, before your appointment. Please have your hair pulled up and back, out of your face and neck.
  • Dont's - Apply lotions, oils, makeup, and deoderant beforehand.
  • Avoid - Tight, light, or white in color clothing, and bras.
  • Tip - If coming from work or another appointment, bring a change of clothes if necessary, to avoid compression, rubbing, or staining nicer clothes. Darker and looser is best for after. Bring looser shoes or flip flops.
  • Tricks - Excess tan can remain on your skin after fading has occurred. If you need to remove or prep for your next tan, exfoliate. If you have trouble with the tan, bathe and use a exfoliation glove, mitt, or glove to assist with tan removal. If you have stain areas, such as hands, feet or elbows, you can remove it by using a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, lemon juice, or Windex. Be gentle to your skin while using these products.


If you have any problems or concerns, ask us!

What to Wear and Undergarments We Offer

Women are recommend to wear swimsuits, bra/underwear, disposables or go nude if comfortbale.  Men must wear undergarments for health reasons. We have disposable undergarments available to wear while your tan is being applied. We provide you with hair caps, hair clips & ties at no additional charge.


Choose from the following tanning disposables for $2.00 each item (plus sales tax)

  • Tops - Pasties, Bandeau and Backless Bras
  • Bottoms - G-String, Thong, and C- Cups
  • Mens Boxers - Black Shorts 
  • "Sticky Feet" - Backless & Strapless, Sole Protector to wear while you are tanning and for after your tan
  • Nose Plugs, Masks, and View Keepers are also available


What to bring for after your spray tan:

Be advised that the bronzer in the solution can rub off on clothes and accessories, but will wash out. We encourage you to stay away from wearing white while or right after getting sprayed because it has more of a tendency to stain. It is also recommended that you wear dark & loose fitting clothes to eliminate spotting/streaking. 



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