Pre & Post Instructions


Before Your Body Wrap Or Scrub:


Do's - Shower, Shave what you normally do, and Exfoliate your skin. Swimsuits or disposable undergarments are recommended to be wrapped in.

Dont's - Avoid lotions and oils on day of and spray tanning at least 5 days. It will remove your tan.

Tips - Use Amino Blast Astringent and dry skin brushing! Prep your skin accordingly for best results for your body treatment.

Tricks - Drink a lot of water, high protein, low carbs before your appointment. Avoid caffeine and high sodium beforehand as it will hold more of your water in. *Recommended For Body Wraps


After Your Body Wrap Or Scrub:


Do's - Bring a change. You will be hydrated with water, and a swimsuit is recommended. We have disposables available while in your wrap. The smaller the swimsuit or undergarments the better, due to the product being applied to your skin. * Spray Tanning is suggested, after your wrap, not before.

Dont's - Tight fitting clothing, due to inch loss with some of the wraps. We recommend sweats or adjustable fitting clothing for Scrubs

Tips - Use or slimming gel after your wrap for added benefits and longer lasting results. Ask your technician for cellulite busters or slimming additive with your tan. 

Tricks - Healthy Eating and Exercise will also benefit you while maintaining your results. Drink up on water! Do not put any additional lotions or oils on after treatments.


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